Prima Cool: a place for unsuccessful sitcoms

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Not so long ago, during the pre-digital TV era, CEO’s of Czech commercial TV stations faced repeated requests from viewers to air, or re-run, numerous favourite TV shows. And the directors had to answer that their programs (i.e. the 24-day, for that matter) were not inflatable and that people had to wait for digital broadcasting that would bring new possibilities.

TV Prima’s “secondary” channel is Prima Cool. It is channel for sitcoms, reality TV, occasional magazines etc., for which there is no time and place within the main program.

And there is one very interesting thing about this channel. On one hand it airs hugely famous programs like The Simpsons, Frasier, or Top Gear. But on the other hand, it fills some slots with numerous sitcoms that used to be aired in the United States and were canceled after one season! These include The Class, Back To You or Son of the Beach.

It is more than obvious that these shows were cheap and their role is to kill time between, let’s say, Frasier and Mad About You. Ordinary Czech sitcom viewers are very loyal and whenever a TV station stops airing something that still has a few seasons to go, people are furious and start writing angry letters. That being said, it is a little irresponsible to let viewers used to their favorite characters and then just stop… Of course, the aforementioned ordinary viewers have no idea why that is… since they grew up (as TV audiences) watching endless Dallases and Dynasties, they would never even consider the possibility that a TV show can have only one season…


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  1. That was a frankly amazing writing

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