2010 Czech Parliamentary elections: news, results, comments

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Scroll below for continuous update of results, coalition details, etc.

Last night, the interim voter turnout was 50 percent, according to official sources and news outlets (and their exit polls). The overall voter turnout is 61 percent, which is not the highest number in the history of this country, as some people expected, considering the importance of these elections. Traditionally, there are parties with more loyal voters and there are other parties with less loyal voters. Moreover, voter turnout in the Czech Republic is often affected by weather. If and when the weather is nice, many people go to their cottages and weekend retreats and just ignore the elections…

(c) Petr Bokuvka via Microsoft Excel

Political parties that made it to the Parliament (lower house, 200 deputies):

ODSObcanska demokraticka strana – Civic Democratic Party – right-wing [EN Wiki]
TOP09(abbreviation = party name) – right-wing [EN Wiki]
VVVeci verejne – Public matters – center-right-wing [EN Wiki]
CSSDCeska strana socialne demokraticka – Social Democratic Party – left-wing [EN Wiki]
KSCMKomunisticka strana Cech a Moravy – Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia – left-wing [EN Wiki]

Christian Democrats and the Green Party lost their presence in the lower house because they did not reach their respective 5-percent minima… Here are interim results from 98-99 percent of all votes counted:


(c) Petr Bokuvka via Microsoft Excel

The tree parties that are highlighted in red above are expected to form a coalition, which leaves the two left-wing parties in the opposition. Most post-election fears were associated with the fact that the social democrats would invite communists to somehow participate in running this country! So even though social democrats won, they do not have enough seats in the lower house (with communists) to form majority…

(c) Petr Bokuvka via Microsoft Excel


And interesting example of political marketing gone wrong: communists paid to have their ads posted on one major news server even one day after the elections…

One day after the elections, an ad promising what communists have to offer is still paid for and displayed on a major news server...

… to be updated …


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  1. Interesting article, Petr. I hope you end up with a sustainable coalition that sort of represents most of the people.

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