Survey: more and more Czechs support medical marijuana

In Health, Law, Nature on June 20, 2010 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,

The idea that medical marijuana should be legal and allowed is becoming more popular. On the other hand, growing, possession and use should not be decriminalized in full.

These are two outcomes of a recent survey conducted in the Czech public aged 18-45, the DENIK network of regional dailies wrote. And there is one more interesting piece of information: more and more people believe that smoking marijuana is less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol. In the same research conducted last year, 53 percent of respondents supported legalization of medical marijuana. This year, it as 61 percent.

According to an expert I asked, the fact that people support medical marijuana is that most people make ointments to treat their own eczema, or they smoke it because they suffer from glaucoma. In other words, the general public feels sympathy towards (mostly) elderly individuals who have tried everything, and nothing worked.

A few days ago, a fifty-something woman was found NOT GUILTY of drug possession. The court ruled that she only grew marijuana for her own use, to make an ointment. The case was in courts for over two years!!!


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