Brno ice hockey club says “hell no” to vuvuzelas

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Vuvuzela has become a phenomenon. And phenomena tend to spread from the country of origin to the rest of the world. Sport is a good example, because now many Czech first-league teams have cheerleaders. Some officials are afraid that vuvuzelas, if introduced to Czech crowds, would destroy the traditional atmosphere that is based on singing and chanting.

HC Kometa Brno (Brno hockey club) decided to say no why it still can: it issued a warning according to which people carrying vuvuzelas will not be allowed to enter the arena, even if they have (season) tickets, the news server wrote.

According to several news outlets, more and more people have been asking for vuvuzelas in stores that sell musical instruments. However, as most clubs and their arenas already have their lists of forbidden items, it will be no problem to add one more…

Musical instruments that can frequently be seen in the Czech Republic include small trumpets or drums…


2 Responses to “Brno ice hockey club says “hell no” to vuvuzelas”

  1. I for one am glad of this. Although I enjoyed the World Cup, there was nothing more annoying than that constant drone. Especially since I have a fantastic surround sound setup, and this only added to the annoyance. Kudos Kometas!.

  2. This is a great reason for Vuvuzelas to be at hockey games

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