Google Translate goofs: happy Czech is a gay Indian

In Law, Life on November 30, 2010 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , , ,

Google Translate is a useful tool if you have absolutely no idea what a certain foreign-language text is about. When it comes to synonymy, it crashes and burns. And it often offers ridiculous results that cannot be based on the analysis of texts made by people, as the “About” page suggests. “Miluju Cesko” is translated as “I love India”.

Trying the same text twice with different punctuation is also very interesting, as you can see above. The third sentence is supposed to mean “Are you happy?”. Unfortunately, Google Translate creators somehow included a very archaic version of the word (I have never heard anyone use the word “gay” in place of  “happy” due to contemporary connotations, of course).

3 Responses to “Google Translate goofs: happy Czech is a gay Indian”

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  2. They must have already corrected it – I can’t reproduce either of the errors….but I also use Google in English. Wonder if it makes a difference what your base language is?

    The big thing that annoys me about Google Search is that they often offer Slovak websites when I do a search in Czech. I always have to add “.cz” to my search terms to force Czech sites. I’ve already complained several times about it….

  3. poo

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