[update]: acquired by a private individual

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Wikileaks ( is probably the most discussed website (Internet address) of this year. It has been attacked, hacked, disconnected, re-connected… you name it. The authors know why they have several mirror sites and national versions. The Czech website, however, is a little odd… Just a few days ago, its “hello message” changed. And it seems like it will have nothing to do with the original…

If you typed on the day this post was first published, the following page appeared:

It means “Prepared for a customer of the Trustica company”. Trustica is an Internet security company that has had major business contacts with the Czech government, for example the Ministry of Industry and Trade or the Ministry of the Interior. The company has tested the ministry’s measures in place to prevent unauthorised access to the IT system.

Until last week, it was blocked by domain administrator for a private owner. had this to say:

registrant:   GIGASERVER-1272477422
admin-c:      GIGASERVER-1272477422
nsset:        NSS:GLOBE-SGLO000001:1
keyset:       A24-KEYSET
registrar:    REG-ACTIVE24
status:       paid and in zone
registered:   09.12.2009 00:14:01
changed:      06.12.2010 21:34:42
expire:       09.12.2010

contact:      GIGASERVER-1272477422
name:         Luděk Kvapil
address:      Smetanova 1280
address:      Lomnice nad Popelkou
address:      51251
address:      CZ
e-mail:       ***********
registrar:    REG-SEONET
created:      28.04.2010 19:59:23
changed:      29.09.2010 10:37:52

nsset:        NSS:GLOBE-SGLO000001:1
nserver: (
nserver: (
tech-c:       ACTIVE24
registrar:    REG-ACTIVE24
created:      01.10.2007 02:00:00
changed:      05.10.2009 14:06:12

contact:      ACTIVE24
org:          ACTIVE 24, s.r.o.
name:         ACTIVE 24, s.r.o.
address:      Sokolovská 394/17
address:      Praha 8
address:      186 00
address:      CZ
phone:        +420.234262000
fax-no:       +420.234262009
registrar:    REG-ACTIVE24
created:      29.04.2008 12:35:02
changed:      15.01.2009 12:07:49

UPDATE: Mr. Kvapil wrote recently and explained that it will be a website of an NGO and that it is his personal project.  In other words, the content will not be operated by the aforementioned company.

It would be naive to assume that an IT security company that has had business contacts with the government and that includes government server security testing among its achievements would want to be associated with the genuine website with its contents that mostly come from unauthorised and leaked sources. [UPDATE: well, what do you know, it might not be the case here]

UPDATE: As at December 17, 2010 the homepage included the introduction that says that the purpose of the website is to introduce materials that have been published on the main WikiLeaks server and are in some way related to, or associated with, the Czech Republic.


2 Responses to “[update]: acquired by a private individual”

  1. More likely they are “squatting” the domain address, in order to keep it off line – at least in CZ. Could be a collaborative effort with the government, or an attempt to capture many hits from unsuspecting surfers.

  2. On site will be website of NGO It is my personal project. Sometime is better ask then wrote fiction.

    Yes. I use virtual server which is on hardware of Trustica company, but Trustica isn´t owner of

    Luděk Kvapil – owner and coordinator of

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