Some travel agencies still offer resorts in Tunisia

In In The News, Politics, World on January 17, 2011 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , ,

Czechs are strongly discouraged from travelling to Tunisia, according to a recent warning posted by the Foreign Affairs Ministry as unrest and violence continues in this African country, a favorite spot for Czech sun-and-sea budget travellers (as Tunisia is significantly cheaper than Spain, Canary Islands, etc.). Interestingly enough, most Czech travel agencies have left Tunisian destinations in their systems, so one can book their holiday in a four-star hotel in any of the Tunisian resorts without any feedback from the system (see screenshot). Of course, it would probably be complicated and naturally one can assume that anyone who has eyes and ears must have already heard about the events that have resulted in impromptu evacuations of clients of Western European travel agencies. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to expect that a travel agency would inform its potential clients that martial law is in effect in their desired destination.

According to the Foreign Ministry there are no Czech tourists in the country (with Czech travel agencies, that is). However, several women whose husbands are Tunisians have contacted the Czech embassy and inquired about the possibility of being evacuated.

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