Broke first-league footballer took a demeaning job

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Slavia Prague is a first-league (association) football club that has so far won seventeen titles. On the other hand, it has not paid its first-league players since January. Its midfielder, Mali’s Bassirou Dembele, had to take a part-time job – handing out leaflets, the Sport daily wrote.

The leaflets are small advertisements for a restaurant owned by a fan of the club, located in the very heart of Prague. However, he only works for food served in the restaurant, not for money.

The club’s financial situation has left numerous younger players without money. While older players have saved up some thanks to their previous engagements abroad, Dembele is among those who did not, although he used to play in France. According to a football expert quoted by the daily, players from Africa are expected to send money home to support families, while young Czech novice players may as well move back with their parents. Furthermore, many footballers from Africa are known for spending money – but it is not the case of Dembele.

Slavia Prague is in the middle of extensive negotiations regarding a strong investor who would help the club pay debts, otherwise the club can lose its first league license. A certain diamond producer announced a few days ago they were prepared to “pump the money into the club” but they backed out from the deal because they found the ownership structure of the club way too vague and confusing.

Photo (c) Slavia Prague


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