Easter: girls’ tasks forced upon boys

In Culture, Life, Religion on April 22, 2011 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

It is Easter! Michal Kasparek of went to a famous square in Brno to drink green beer along with thousands of people. And many Czech elementary school boys learn how to dye eggs. Ironically, it makes perfect sense to get wasted from drinking way too much green beer. However, it does not make sense to teach boys dye Easter eggs. That is women’s job.

I think I wrote about it last year. In case you are not familiar with Easter traditions in the Czech Republic, Easter eggs are a one-way thing: they are collected by men from women. Men are allowed to bear arms on this particular day: ponytail-like whip made from willow branches and decorated with some ribbons. Men travel door-to-door, visiting family members, friends or neighbors, sometimes even total strangers in the neighborhood. Each woman, when visited by men, must patiently stand or (if she wants to play along) run and scream, while being whipped. Said whipping is accompanied by traditional Easter chants or “poems” – more or less childish.

Anyway, elementary school children learn how to dye eggs when Easter is about one or two weeks away. Boys are included, even though it is totally inappropriate. It is like forcing boys to play with dolls in kindergartens. True, many boys learn how to make the aforementioned whips. I spoke to several mothers whose kids go to elementary schools, and only one of them said that her son did actually try to make a whip. The explanation seems to be simple – teachers are not manually skilled enough to be able to teach and show to kids something they cannot do themselves.


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