No fines for kids’ helmet rule violation

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There are several traffic rules when it comes to biking in the Czech Republic. For example, kids under 18 must wear helmets at all times, even on special bike paths where there is no other traffic. The police are strict in enforcing road safety rules but they cannot fine anyone if their child is not wearing a helmet. According to their interpretation of the applicable legislation, it is each person’s responsibility that cannot be delegated, not even under the legal guardian principle (similarly, a parent will not go to jail for murder if his/her child kills someone).

In other words, if a police officer sees a family riding their bikes and a ten year-son is not wearing his helmet, the police officer cannot give him a ticket (as the boy has no legal liability). The father won’t pay a fine either (provided he is wearing his helmet).

I must say that I haven’t seen a kid without a helmet for a looong time. Even small babies on their first bikes (with support wheels) wear theirs. Plus, it has become a fashion item.

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