Best restaurant guide on sale for $0.65

In Economy on May 19, 2011 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,

Grand Restaurant is a prestigious guide to the best restaurants in the Czech Republic. It is edited by gourmet and restaurant expert Pavel Maurer and it features mostly expensive places to eat. The most recent issue, however, is now on sale in the “Levne knihy” (Cheap Books) bookstore chain for CZK 10 ($0.65). Its original price was CZK 170 ($10).

Levne knihy is a chain of bookstores that sells anything but bestsellers. Its offer includes novels by virtually unknown authors, cook books, how-to manuals, sudoku books or music albums by long-forgotten artists. As for contemporary authors, Levne knihy often sells recent books that have proved to be a huge bummer in terms of reader interest (autobiographies, for example…).

It is ironic that a guide to expensive restaurants is on sale in a store selling cheap and mostly crappy literature. I think it is safe to assume that people who frequent, and eat at, top-class restaurants do not shop at Levne knihy. And vice versa… I think one of the reasons is that the “list” has so far been published by various media outlets.


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