Parliament adopted dress code for journalists

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Even on hot summer days, journalists entering the building of the Czech Parliament will be required to wear proper clothes. The “relaxed” dress code will no longer be accepted. Instead, the new rule dictates what media representatives must wear in order to be granted access. It is not a surprise that the rule applies almost exclusively to men.

According to a Czech News Agency article published by the Mediar server, the presence of persons wearing sandals, short pants, T-shirts, hats or otherwise unsuitable clothes is offensive. The press department of the Czech Parliament informed media in a press statement that the minimum standard includes long pants, shirt and jacket. (Hmm, if this is “minimum”, what’s left? Tuxedos? -ed.)

Evidently, female journalists care about their appearance more, irrespective of whether or not they expect to visit the Parliament building, so no particular dress code elements for female journalists were named.

Requirements regarding clothes are frequently sent to media on special occasions, such as foreign presidents’ visits, when even cameramen and sound crew are required to dress for the occasion. For example, during the Pope’s visit camera crew had to wear full dark suits with ties.

To be fair, journalists DO mingle in the hallways of the Parliament, so it is not very professional to interview an MP while wearing khaki shorts and T-shirt.


One Response to “Parliament adopted dress code for journalists”

  1. I think it’s a great idea. And why does it have to stop with Parliament? Why can’t they ALWAYS dress professionally when they’re going to be on camera? It just reflects badly on a news organization when their reporters can’t be bothered to wear something more than a t-shirt with a slogan on it….NOVA is the worst offender, but all the TV stations do it to some extent. You’d NEVER see an American TV reporter in a t-shirt and shorts (unless the story really called for it….!

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