Croatian police vs Czech pot smokers on holidays

In Law, Travel on July 1, 2011 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

It is the first day of the official summer holiday (July 1 to August 31) and thousands of Czechs are on their way to Croatia. It is still the most favorite holiday destination. Since the tourist season started in Croatia, almost 30 Czechs have had problems with the police, most of them were even charged with the possession of narcotics – meaning “pot”. Several years ago Croatia adopted very strict drug control legislation and the authorities have said repeatedly that it will apply to tourists and that the “I had no idea” excuse will not be acknowledged. Border patrols have started thorough inspections of vehicles, their occupants and their luggage. According to local news sources, cops have been instructed to focus “on young occupants in more expensive cars” who are thought to be the more wealthy youth who go on holidays without parents (duh, they are over 18) – but with money and recreational drugs. In the past, Croatian border patrols focused on the “poorer” tourists from the Czech Republic who wanted to save money and brought their own groceries, alcohol, canned food etc., so that they could avoid buying them in Croatia, or even spending money in restaurants. After many protests the Croatian government realized it was not that big a deal and that many Czechs would not go to Croatia at all, if they had to leave their food at home (similar protests from pot smokers are not expected).


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