Smokers stink, say vandals by their slogans

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They are all around the city of Brno. Spray-painted slogans that say “Hey, smoker, you stink”. Some of them link to a website of the same name. This one. Authors of this website claim their activities are sort of campaign against smoking, because, in their opinion, all previous campaigns have so far failed.

“Talking about cancer with eight year-old kids makes no sense. This topic is like World War I for them,” says the website administrator. “But many of them actually try their first cigarette at the age of eight to twelve,” he adds in one post on the website, which actually looks like a WordPress blog.

The spray-painted sign can be found near bus stops, on walls near crowded places, or even on an electrical installation one meter (!) from the fence of the premises of the Czech counterintelligence agency (under two surveillance cameras). “We never spray-paint new facade, historical buildings or public transportation vehicles,” the guidelines for wannabe vandals say, if they want to take part in the campaign.

“Not a bad idea as such. But the way it is realized is not acceptable, as it includes damage to other people’s or public property,” an advertising copywriter told me when I interviewed him for an article. “One has to admit that kids will spot writing on a wall rather than a poster,” he added. If arrested or tried in court, the campaign authors insist that their judge be a non-smoker.


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  1. Which message you want to convey through above picture? I could not understand it.
    Vehicle Spray Painting

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