Czech reactions to the death of Qaddafi

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The Czech government shall immediately grab the opportunity and help Czech companies and businesspersons succeed on the Libyan market, the Mlada fronta Dnes daily quotes analysts and experts in international relations as saying.

The foreign trade relations between the former Czechoslovakia and Libya were very close. If, according to experts, Czech businesses succeed in Libya now, they can assume good positions on their respective markets (sure, the earlier pre-1989 relations included the sale of weaponry).

In response to the killing of Qaddafi, Foreign Affairs Minister Karel Schwarzenberg has been very “careful” about acknowledging the new Libyan government, unlike his French or German counterparts. “I cannot acknowledge anyone who does not have the entire country under control,” he said. As for the death of Qaddafi, the minister said (source) “So far it has been a successful revolution, but there is no way of knowing who is going to govern (…)” and added that he will be open to any reforms and

Pre-1989 Czechoslovak technology is still used in Libya frequently and many local businesses (major companies) are still controlled by managers who were involved in these trade relations. In 1978 the communist regime conferred on him The Order of the White Lion.

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