Bicycle prototype stolen in Prague

In Sports on October 26, 2011 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

A “demo bike” was stolen in Prague on Friday, October 14. “Demo bike” means that only one model exists. It is a 29-inch Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon, size XL, made by the Specialized Eastern Europe, s.r.o. company. It is a 2012 model, which means that it is not for/on sale yet. The manufacturer has asked some media for help, which is why the iDNES news server published a “have you seen this bike” notice in its Travel column. The manufacturer has promised that any valuable information leading to the finding of the stolen bike will be rewarded.

Thousands of bikes are stolen in the Czech Republic each year. Most of them are never found, even though the local police often “know where to go” because potential suspects are well-known to them. The police offer official registration of more expensive bikes, so that the actual owner can be identified if a stolen bike is found or recovered. For example, the municipal police in Brno offer special registration stickers. Under certain conditions it is also possible to have a special ID number “engraved”.

According to police statistics, most bikes are stolen from basements of apartment buildings. Old pre-1989 apartment buildings often have a bike storage room share by all tenants. However, as more and more people can afford more expensive mountain bikes, they are usually kept on balconies.

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