Polar bear cubs in the Brno zoo eaten by mother

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Two polar bear cubs were born in Brno zoo earlier this week. Unfortunately, none of them survived. In line with her instincts, Cora, the mother, ate both of them, having found out that the cubs would not survive, the Brno Zoo spokeswoman informed. People could watch the cubs online. Zoo experts realised very soon that the first cub never made a sound and was not moving. The second one seemed to be doing fine at first because Cora seemed to be paying more attention to it.

The 13 year-old Cora has had surviving cubs before: pictured to the left is either Bill or Tom who were born in 2007 and immediately became the zoo’s primary attraction. They were later moved to other zoos in Prague and Germany, respectively. In 2010 there was one more unsuccessful attempt with the same result as the most recent one. In response to some people’s reactions (how come the bear ATE its babies), the zoo was quick to explain that this is what polar bears regularly do to avoid other animals and predators finding them.

The zoo had incubators prepared in the event that Cora would reject the surviving cubs, but the management was aware of the risks and the uncertainty of such a decision.


One Response to “Polar bear cubs in the Brno zoo eaten by mother”

  1. Terrible story. This happens when wild animals are kept for human attraction… 😦

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