Photo Walk: some really ugly parts of Brno

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There aren’t many neighborhoods of the city of Brno which one can refer to as truly ugly. There are only three or four exceptions, one of them being the Horni Herspice railway station and the adjacent streets on both sides of the track. Directly to the north and north-east from the station is a huge shunting yard. It is a no-man’s land where you can find small private gardens as well as unauthorised garbage dumping sites and shacks evidently used by homeless people.  There are old dilapidated buildings which are to be demolished quite soon. There are obscure dead-end streets with yards full of cars, which means there must be some active companies doing business there. Either way, this place is spooky, especially on a gray Sunday morning… 

(above): A former factory just next to a huge underpass which was recently built under a nearby railway line.
It has been for sale for months now…

(above): Waiting room of the Horni Herspice (a Brno borough) train station. Dirty, destroyed. Bummer…

(above): A bunch of place names on a wall in an almost unused alley. No idea what they were supposed to mean…

(above): Along the street leading to the train station are many tiny “gardens” with tiny huts. The soil does not seem to be fertile to begin with… And many indices suggest that the inhabitants of these huts like to collect stuff other people have thrown out…

(above): Looks like the situation in the building is so complicated the mailman does not want to go in.

(above): The borough administration does not want squatters and homeless people here. This building should be demolished in April.

(above): This street is one of the main access routes to the main bus terminal. Many international bus lines use it. Not a fine picture to see if you are foreigner arriving in Brno…

(above): There used to be a working class pub in this building. On the left-hand corner there is a huge hole in the wall through which one can see what used to be a men’s room. The urinals are still there…

(above): Another building which will soon make room for a new modern neighborhood. The question is, how long it is going to take considering the global crisis in which many plans have been put on hold…


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  1. Beautiful pictures, even of what they are. Thanks!

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