New book about Havel, 9 days after his death

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Former Czech president Vaclav Havel died on December 18 at the age of 75. Nine days later, a first book about his life and “career” was published. A very thin book by Jiří Heřman and Michaela Košťálová was in stores today. It is a very thin biography containing mostly photographs from the Czech News Agency and a short high-school level text about Havel’s notable achievements and key points of his presidency. The authors added a short list of sources, just like students do in their term papers. The sources include news servers and other biographies. In other words, it is just a compilation of something other people have written. The interesting thing is that a disclaimer includes a sentence which says that the information in this book has been obtained at “publicly accessible news servers”. It does NOT say, however, that it was used with a prior consent of the respective authors.

More books are expected in the upcoming weeks.


2 Responses to “New book about Havel, 9 days after his death”

  1. That is so kitsch, is it not?

    • Indeed! Plus, as far as the Czech book market is concerned, it is a “smart” way to make money. The authors and publisher know that one who is fast will have the biggest opportunity. The more books are published, the more annoyed readers eventually get…

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