Brno: neighborhood nicknamed “Bronx”

Tagged: , on January 7, 2012 by Petr Bokuvka


4 Responses to “Brno: neighborhood nicknamed “Bronx””

  1. Where’s the article? If no article surely and explanation is needed!

    • Nick, this was supposed to be a “photo post” only, without an article. To explain the nickname: it is a part of Brno adjacent to the city center known for its old houses where apartments are owned by the city (rent-controlled) and where mostly low-income citizens live (mostly the Roma minority). It is generally known to be unkept. However, there have been quite a few renovation projects recently, mostly thanks to private investors who have bought some of the apartment buildings and turned them into modern living. I have to admit I do not know the history of the nickname, but I want to do an article on it for a weekly newspaper I work for.

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