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Czechs On Holiday. With Czech Celebrities

In Czechs,Travel on April 24, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

This has to be the stupidest tourism-related offer I have seen in years.

Czechs who go on holidays to Croatia with the CKVT travel agency can enjoy the company of Czech actors, stand-up comedians, singers, etc. The noted personalities get their “holiday” more or less for free in exchange for their performance. The travel agency is advertising the performances on its website to attract clients…

I thought it was normal to go on holidays abroad to enjoy everything that is LOCAL and the only thing that this holiday shall have in common with Czech culture is a book in Czech that one reads on the beach.

But NOPE, there obviously are Czech yokels whose idea of cultural experience is visiting an hour-long performance of a Czech actor in a foreign country – and who will buy the stay BECAUSE of it.

It is like going to Aruba BECAUSE you can go to a Barry Manilow concert there…

Pathetic, isn’t it?



Czech Delegation Caused An Incident In UAE

In Czechs,Politics on April 4, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Members of the Czech delegation led by PM Mirek Topolanek did not care much about the protocol during their visit to the United Arab Emirates. Even the PM acted dumb, a MF Dnes daily reporter writes on the paper’s blog.

According to the reporter who witnessed an official lunch [or dinner, hard to tell] the PM got up from the table as dessert was being served. And he left without saying a word.

And some time later in Yemen women from the PM’s team (none of them was wearing a scarf) were using their cell phones to take pictures the luxurious bathroom in the palace, while making some ooohh’s and aaaahhh’s.

Beware, the Czech PM is loose…


Toilet Paper Sold Out!

In Czechs,Life on April 2, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

I went grocery shopping to a BILLA supermarket in the very downtown Brno, on the main square where all tourist groups from Asian countries gather to hear the main chapter from the history of Brno.

The drugstore aisle that usually offers five kinds of toilet paper was almost empty. On two top shelves there were fancy 4-packs of what looked like scented toilet paper that cost 42 CZK, which is now way over $3.

The remaining two shelves usually store single rolls for 3 CZK ($0.15). There were totally empty. At six p.m. and the store closes at nine p.m.

An ordinary Czech customer who comes to the store must have asked themselves two questions:

  • What does the fancy $3 paper wipe that the cheap one does not?
  • Is it a strategy of the store to stop refilling the shelves and aisles at certain point when certain items are sold out to make people buy the more expensive ones? Or, the ridiculously expensive ones. They know that once you make the purchase you are not going to try another store just to buy toilet paper.

In case you are not familiar with daily habits of Czechs, their daily grocery shopping takes place on the way home from work, usually halfway between one’s workplace and the nearest tram stop. Moreover, this kind of shopping is usually done by mothers who drag their kids home from kindergartens. And a tired mother will definitely NOT try another supermarket just to get cheaper toilet paper…

For the record 🙂 $3 toilet paper is not going to ruin me but I hate the idea that the store has some supplies but for some reason they would not refill the shelves….


The Brno Dam Is Breaking

In Brno,Czechs on April 1, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Several years ago the MFD daily had a front page story about cracks in the Brno Dam as a result of which the dam is days from breaking. The daily even provided details as to how far water would reach. It made some families evacuate.

Yes, it was on April 1.

I even did a news story about this hoax for a certain foreign television station. It included some vox populi from the general public. Among them some middle-aged individuals who seemed to have given up their ability to think and to retain sound judgement. They were mad at the paper. It was back then when the media pond was a little calmer than it is today and the principle It was in the paper so it must be true was a more frequent thing… Emergency operators received hundreds of calls from citizens.

If there is anything many people in country can not do is put two and two together. In many MANY ways.

They will complain about politics over jugs of beer in pubs, they would even yell some of the I would show ’em. But they will never get off their lazy asses and run for an office.

They will complain about the lack of parking spots in downtown Brno, but they will never forget to leave their car at home even when it comes to a three-stop ride there and back.

They will complain about dirty streets but they will never take the extra step that nobody makes them to take – and recycle.

I think people who behave in a similar way do deserve a news story about a dam breaking…

Let’s see what the media are going to come up with today…

Anything interesting shall be translated and linked here…

::UPDATE:: My former colleagues from the Brno Daily have a funny April Fool’s story about the controversial building of the National Library that is to be built in Prague. There are big fights going on in Prague so there were suggestions to move the building to Brno. The “blob” will be built in Brno, the article says…

And this Slovak guy decided to send an SMS to 15 friends and ex-girlfriends saying Hey, I just became a father, she is 50 cm and 3.9 kg. That sounded like a good idea to me but then I realized that over the last three months I have spoken with to all of the 250 people I have in my cell phone so the joke would not work.


Fake Dynamite Found All Over Brno

In Czechs,Law,Life on March 27, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

Fake dynamite bundles equipped with just-as-fake slow matches were found all over Brno today. Emergency operators have received dozens of calls from people who claim they have seen “a bomb” hanging from rotating clocks that can be found on street corners and other busy places.

It is some advertising stunt, police patrols have inspected every single item that they were told about. But there is nothing they could do, police spokesman said.

The person or company who ordered and paid for this advertising stunt must be out of his fucking mind. Or he is mentally sick. What kind of a person would pick a lethal object to promote their products? Especially when it is a lethal object that has nothing to do with the product category he sells?

::UPDATE:: I get it now. The website of the company that is behind it says We are glad that we caught the attention of people and the media. Too bad newspapers had written about the campaign before they saw the full picture. The bomb and the wires are supposed to be symbolical and they are supposed to say We cut the right wire (i.e. the right time for the right decisions)

— Well, this kind of symbolism would not make me buy dandruff shampoo, let alone the services of this company. 


New Zealander Kidnapped His Czech Daughter

In Czechs,Law on March 25, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

cowie.jpgThe Czech police and the Interpol are looking for Rodney William Cowie, 38-year old citizen of New Zealand. They fear he abducted/kidnapped his daughter he has with his Czech ex-wife, the authorities said. Police spokeswoman confirmed the police are considering the possibility that the man might have crossed the border already.

As the Czech Republic is a Schengen member now, they might be in Italy by now. Cowie picked up his daugher on Saturday morning, claiming they would be back later that night. He has not called since and his cell phone has been switched off. According to the girl’s mother Cowie had suggested program for the two of them that she did not agree with.

Cowie lives in Australia — so if by any chance there are any readers from these two countries who might have some information on this gentleman and his whereabouts, please call the nearest Interpol branch….

Kidnappings are for sure one of the most serious crimes that occur between divorced partners who do not reach amicable solution as far as the custody of their kids is concerned. BUT– I should also say that many Czech women are plain stupid when they marry a foreigner. They often fail to consider thousands of those little things that are involved, but they are amazed by the qualities that the particular foreigner has. As a journalist I have heard of numerous cases when courts had to decide where the kid will live after divorce. A Czech woman literally fought with her Portuguese husband in front of a court building over their daughter. I must admit I did not feel sorry for her at all…

You pick your life partner and as soon as trouble in paradise occur you have to deal with them… and with the consequences. If you have a Czech husband, it is easier. If you think the love of your life comes from an altogether different culture, you must expect worse consequences…

Cowie and his wife probably had a strict custody schedule and he probably failed to stick to it. But, to be honest, so far it does not qualify as kidnapping in the real terms of the penal code… Maybe she went with him and she did not protest…

::UPDATE:: According to the Czech police the girl does not have a passport of her own and Cowie does not have data on her in HIS passport which means they should not leave Schengen… But I am sure there are fake passports for sale in Italy the country they might be in now my sincere apologies to Italy and Italian readers – it was just an example….

::UPDATE 2:: This Australian news server claims Cowie is Dutch… who lives in Australia.

NOTE: Czech News Agency owns the rights to the photo.
Used under the fair-use principle here.


It Is Easter. Let’s Beat Up Women! ‘Cause We Can

In Culture,Czechs on March 20, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

It is almost Easter. And I hate Easter and its traditions.

In the Czech Republic the tradition goes that women have to be spanked on Easter Monday. Throughout the day men [usually in groups] visit their female relatives and friends and spank them with special whips.

Ouch? It gets worse… 

These whips are hand-made from willow rods, the length ranges from 50 centimeters to two meters. There are ribbons at the end. There used to be a tradition that women would add their own ribbons so the whip would say how many women the particular man has already visited but this seems to fizzle out.

And women are chased around [if they decide to make it interesting or to play along], or they just stand motionless and the male visitors would spank her butt. However, it should not hurt. Or at least not throughout the whole procedure.

The visitors receive eggs. Usually colored or otherwise decorated. Boys might get chocolate bunnies.

Of course many men also receive shots of alcohol. And so it happens that a guy who visits his tenth woman on the day is, well, wasted.

I should say I do not observe this tradition. I used to, as a kid. But ever since I could have said no, I don’t. Most of the situations are terribly awkward. The girls know you are coming, they know what they are supposed to do and they pretend to like it…. Waaaay strange….

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