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The Fritzl Case: European Criminal Law Sucks

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Josef Fritzl had held his daughter locked up in a basement for 24 years. And he is the father of her six surviving children, as one baby boy died shortly after birth. Fritzel admitted the charges yesterday.

Common sense interpretation? Abuse, rape, incest … multiple occurrences of all of the aforementioned crimes. — Life sentence.

Oh, wait. Know how the victim got into the basement? She was lured in, doped and handcuffed there. Isn’t that kidnapping? — Capital punishment, for crying out loud…

Hell no. He ONLY might get fifteen years.

Under Austrian law, sentences are not cumulative. Which means the verdict shall be announced according to the most serious crime Fritzl is found guilty of.

The same principle applies in the Czech Republic. And it is a huge mistake. Manslaughter (the death of the newborn) plus rape plus incest plus kidnapping plus I-don’t-know-what-else would have easily equalled 65 years.



Intruder In The President’s Residence

In In The News on March 9, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

A man who was most definitely intoxicated died on the premises of the Lany Castle which is a temporary residence of Czech presidents. President Vaclav Klaus was present at the castle at the time of the incident.

A local man tried to get into the gardens but he was stopped by the military police at two gates. He then managed to get in via a third gate that was only protected by a surveillance camera. The MP’s were after him and they caught him in the quarters for employees. As he struggled and fought back they cuffed him — but he collapsed and died.

According to the local police the man had a history of drug-related arrests.


British Airways Flight Escorted By Fighter Planes

In In The News on February 17, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

British Airways flight en route from UAE to London had to be escorted by Czech fighter planes on Sunday when the air traffic control lost communication with the aircraft, news server wrote.

The tricky thing is that communication was lost near the Slovak-Czech border and the first fighter-to-plane contact was established 10 minutes later, on the south-western edge of Prague. Only a few minutes later… and the plane is in Germany. So in terms of commercial air traffic security the new JaS 39 Gripen planes are almost useless….


Czech Republic To Deport Two Americans

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This is the most unique immigration-related issue I have ever heard of.

Two Americans face deportation after being caught by the Immigation Police, news server writes.

They had stayed longer than their visa had allowed them to. When caught, the two men suggested that they would not leave the country as ordered, so they were put in a custody cell, police source was quoted as saying.

IDIOTS. They have tourist-visa-free regime and they mess up with the system. They stayed three months longer. Extension of their original visa would not take much, though.

Before the Czech Republic joined the Schengen Treaty, all that Americans had to do was cross the border into Schengen and then go back. Let’s say, to Germany and back. Now they would have to travel very far, maybe to the Ukraine, the daily notes.


American Stabbed To Death By A Cop

In In The News on January 30, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

An American citizen was stabbed to death by an off-duty cop in Prague last night. According to news server the victim was a soldier stationed in Germany.

More to come…

UPDATE: The cop was drunk. The police are now investigating “who started it”. Later a minor investigation proved that the man was NOT a soldier. He was stabbed twice. Another investigation theory is that the American was also armed and the cop was only defending himself…


Hitman Had A Wrong Target. Twice!

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A few weeks ago a driver working for the CEO of the Sazka state-run lottery company was killed as he was getting out of the company Bentley in Prague. The police now caught the killer and they found out the Russian hitman picked a wrong person to kill. Coincidentally the real target lived nearby and he TOO had a Bentley. His own.

Talk about bad luck? It gets worse…

The investigation shows that the hitman did the same thing (mistake) once before! Shortly before this murder he stabbed another man in downtown Prague, mistakenly thinking that the victim was a Russian businessman that he had been after.

The killer is in custody for murder one and one attempted murder…

I think he is in a way lucky to be in jail… For two botched jobs I think his clients will go after him…

By the way, the cops caught him on December 23. So if you thought police investigators take a break one day before Christmas from catching criminals….


Czech Man Is “Most Wanted” Number Three

In In The News,Law on December 6, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Czech employee of Group4 Securitas agency Frantisek Prochazka who stole 562 million crowns is the third most wanted man in the world, TV Nova evening news broadcast reported tonight. The reward money is two million euros. More money is offered for Osama bin Laden and some Colombian drug lord whose name I did not catch.

Prochazka should watch his back, law enforcement experts say. People and agencies who specialize in hunting criminals and runaway inmates will go after him. And so will the underworld.

Many people who contribute to discussion forums under news articles say “way to go” and “good luck with the money, buddy” etc. Idiots. Would they tell the same to a mass murderer who’d  kill five people? I don’t think so.

Today he was charged with first-degree robbery as a runaway. If convicted he might spend twelve years in prison…

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