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Czech tabloid invented a new U.S. state: Southern California

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There have been numerous cases when U.S. media showed their lack of knowledge of the world geography. Once in a while CNN graphics would put the Czech Republic next to Iraq (see below), or France…etc. But it seems like Czech media have problems of their own, too, especially when they use news agencies mindlessly, without “reading” them:

According to this article from the Blesk daily, there is a U.S. state called “Southern California”. The person who translated this article probably thought that the fact that “Southern” has the capital S must mean that it is part of the name.

CNN blooper 🙂



Smart-ass advice to the people of California

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(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images

Even Czech media recently informed about the huge problem the state of California has with water. Our favorite Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger sagte that water supplies might well be rationed during the upcoming months as the state faces the biggest drought ever.

I know it may sound like a smart-ass comment from a person who lives in a region where drought is not an issue, but I will try it anyway. Three words: service water desalinization.

I saw it during my two summer holidays: Gran Canaria and Mallorca. Both islands experience water shortage. Both islands have huge desalinization plants for water used as service water in all the hotels, companies and households …and potable water is bought in huge two-gallon bottle-like containers. People shower in desalinized water and they even rinse their mouths after brushing their teeth using the store-bought water.

I understand the state of Florida recently invested in gigantic desalinization projects. So it is doable.

I honestly don’t think that automatic sprinklers are a daily-basis bare necessity, even in multimillion neighborhoods like Bel Air. Fresh water shall be used for “oral consumption” only. It works well in Spain.

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