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Skoda Citigo: new cheap city car introduced

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Czech car manufacturer Skoda has recently introduced (see video) its new citycar under the name Citigo. It is in fact its first car of this concept, after several hatchbacks, sedans, station wagons and even one SUV which has been praised by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson.

Citigo is what Czechs like to call “a shopping bag”, i.e. car for women, usually a second car purchased by a family which already has one “regular” car. Shopping bag is one of two terms generally associated with cars used by Czech married women, the other one being kid cargo [my translation] which is usually a large (safe) SUV used by mothers to take their kids places.

Citigo is a three-door model, the five-door model will be introduced in 2012. The cheapest (basic with minimum features) version is CZK 194,000. Some reviewers have pointed out that there are many tiny interior features which are more than practical, such as a clip for parking lot tickets or a purse hook. Other magazines and websites compare the new car with the three small cars which are manufactured in the TPCA factory in Kolin, Czech Republic (i.e. Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo) – the most important thumbs-up results being the size of the Citigo’s luggage compartment and the use of dashboard materials.

UK’s Autocar has noted that Skoda’s Citigo will compete against VW Up and Seat Mii, all three being products of the Volkswagen Group:

The Citigo is brilliant fun to drive, well-engineered and ticks all of the ‘car about town’ boxes that it should. In 74bhp form, the three-pot, 999cc engine is remarkably refined and as well as its urban prowess, feels capable of handling motorway cruises without any fuss. The light-but-precise steering reinforces the sensation that this is an agile car that is in its element when nipping in and out of traffic. The ride was on the firm side on some country roads around Prague, and that’s something that will probably hold true on the UK’s largely uneven asphalt too.

On the other hand, people/drivers in discussion boards claim that the Citigo’s design is in no way new and that the car resembles an old Renault Twingo.

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