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Czech regional district elections: Social Democrats are damn manipulators

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Czechs will elect their regional/district councilors this weekend. The Czech Republic is divided into 14 districts/regions in which the winner gets to appoint its governor.

Unfortunately, many Czechs are stupid.

Unfortunately, many voters of Social Democrats are stupid.

They are people who need politicians to do things for them that they should attempt to do themselves. Their attitude can be easily described as Gimme gimme gimme.

And the Social Democrats, in order to win these elections, decided to manipulate and lie.

They promise things that have NOTHING TO DO WITH REGIONAL GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES. They promise things that can only be decided on the Parliamentary level.

They promise things that POLITICIANS CAN NOT AFFECT, like prices of foodstuffs. These prices are determined by the free MARKET. Social Democrats claim that it is the current government that is to blame for the increasing prices.

And the simple people who often vote for Social Democrats are buying it.

I know everyone is entitled to their political beliefs. But many Czechs who vote for Social Democrats have NO political beliefs. They have no life. They often think their life sucks. They want politicians to improve it. They will do nothing themselves.

Czech Social Democrats are fucking manipulators and liars. And if they win these elections, it will mean that most Czechs have given up personal responsibility in exchange for we-will-take-care-of-you cheap promises.

If you are familiar with “social democrats” in Western Europe, or in such advanced democracies like Sweden, etc. this argument is no good here. Czech social democrats have almost nothing in common with them, especially in terms of their promises and the social system we live in…. or the one they are promising…



Czech Social Democrats: the biggest danger to this country

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With the recent government coalition crisis [the article is in English], the opposition social democrats [photo on the left: Chairman of the Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek] feel strong and confident. This party is generally favored among Czechs who are EITHER(!) (not necessarily all the following) lower-class, lazy, low-income, frustrated, socially-dependable or anything but confident. Now they smell their chance to win the regional elections or to get what they want: early elections that they would win, as a result of which they would overrule and cancel all reforms that the government recently introduced.

That said, I maintain that the social democrats are the biggest danger to the Czech Republic.

Example A: “regulation fee”:
The CZK 30 fee is paid by patients for every visit to their doctor and also for every prescription issued by their physician.
It was introduced to restrict the excessive consumption of medications since people used to buy [to be exact, were given from their health insurance] tons of pills they did not even use up. Plus, people also used to visit their doctors way too often. The result of the measure as it was introduced a while ago is that close to 3 billion crowns were saved altogether.

The social democrats want to “abolish” this fee as soon as they win the next elections. IDIOTS!!!!!!! They are willing to crush the entire system just to save a few crowns to their voters, who are of course more simple-minded than other parties’ voters, and “No regulation fee” sounds good enough to them. The social democrats do not give a fuck about the fact that their decision will suck up the health insurance companies again, because hypochondriacs will once again visit their doctors with every minor cough “because they can”. And this money will be missing in case of more serious operations, like artificial knee joints etc…

Example B: Prices of bread:
Jiri Paroubek and his people are FUCKING MANIPULATORS…
for the upcoming regional government elections they are handing out leaflets that compare prices of BREAD during the current government with those that applied years ago when Paroubek’s party was in the government. It shows that the average price of a loaf of bread increased by some 40 percent.

This is unbelievable. They will hunt voters by having them think that if they win the elections, the prices of bread will no longer increase… Yeah, right. Like you can control the free market, you son of a bitch. And like I said, many voters of social democrats are very simple people, most of whom still think that communism was better.


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