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Karel Gott won his 36th annual popularity award

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There are several kinds of music awards in the Czech Republic. One of them is based on actual achievements and is awarded by an “academy”. And there is one that is based solely on popularity. It is called The Czech Nightingale (Cesky slavik) and it dates back to the period of communism. This year’s “singer of the year” award went, again, to Karel Gott. It is his 36th award of that name.

Gott is a good singer of his genre and he definitely works hard. On the other hand, he does not produce new albums very often and his actual achievements during this year are not worth mentioning at all. The fact that he keeps winning is that he became, sort of, a legend. He has thousands of die-hard fans among the 45+ audience, not to mention the 60+ audience. In other words, he is “their” singer and he is one of the few certainties some people have left. The fact that they cast their vote for him via SMS is one of the things that keep their worlds from falling apart, as the world around them keeps changing.

The fact that music enthusiasts cannot find anybody else to vote for is interpreted by some critics as “still waters of Czech mentality”, which is sometimes referred to as “musty but warm”.

Having an award show in December just to tell musicians we like them, no matter what they have done during the particular year is strange, of course. But since the award show is broadcast by a commercial TV station, it is possible to wave it off just by saying it is a part of the music business. Plus, when it comes to Karel Gott, no award show is going to make him more or less popular than he is now…  

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New regulation will ban street performances. Artists protest

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Hundreds of artists, performers and ordinary people are going to protest against a new regulation in the streets of Brno on Friday afternoon. The lawmakers meant well: they wanted to get drunk individuals who beg for “some change” out of downtown Brno. The regulation would apply to drinking in public in general, i.e. to foreign tourists who would enjoy a can of beer on a park bench (even though the Mayor of the borough argued that the purpose of the regulation is not to harass tourists, a cop having a bad day could fine them…).

The regulation equally applies to buskers – i.e. to people you can find in every major city in the world. You can’t even imagine some cities without them, e.g. Kenny G.-like saxophone players near Pont Neuf in Paris.

While some cities encourage street performances because they contribute to their atmosphere, any guitar case on a sidewalk with coins in it will mean trouble for the amateur musician who does not beg. He or she just lets people decide themselves. If you like it, your kind contribution will be appreciated…

It is a common thing in the Czech Republic that laws and regulations have unwanted side effects. When a new regulation was adopted according to which it was illegal to hold a cell phone while driving, I found out that the regulation would equally apply to drivers of siren-and-light emergency vehicles en route to accidents, crime scenes etc… The same seems to be the case here… the councillors wanted to eliminate begging for money and they ended up harassing street performances.

The Mayor of the City of Brno (not to be confused with the aforementioned Mayor of the borough) admitted that should the regulation cause trouble he is prepared to amend it… How typical…


Czech soap opera doctors are pigs. They don’t take showers…

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A scene from a very famous, reportedly “the most favorite”, Czech soap opera.

A male character, who is an emergency room doctor, wakes up. He is wearing a white T-shirt and boxers. He exchanges a few words with his girlfriend who is in the room. He gets up at a normal speed. He does not have to run from an angry husband. He puts his pants and a jacket on and leaves the apartment.

No personal hygiene whatsoever.

And don’t get me started on the fact that a couple that obviously ended up having sex last night wakes up dressed (no man has EVER gotten dressed after sex) and with their hair neatly combed.

If the producers hire real doctors to provide guidance, they should hire common sense expert to provide ordinary-life guidance to this load of crap they call TV entertainment… 🙂

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