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VIDEO: Illegal fireworks detonated in downtown Brno

In Law on January 3, 2012 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

Czechs like to celebrate the start of a new year with fireworks. Every city has a few public places where people who have purchased fireworks like to gather and detonate their rockets and all kinds of other pyrotechnic devices. Many of these people are extremely dangerous because they do so while intoxicated. Just like these young men (and I think I can see one girl there) in Brno who are seen detonating an illegal device which can only be purchased by a licensed specialist. In addition, it can only be detonated in a special protective “bucket”.

The police are investigating the incident because these idiots could have seriously injured or killed bystanders. According to a January 1 police blotter paramedics were dispatched on December 31 to treat a 31-year old man who sustained serious injuries after a pyrotechnic device detonated in his hand. Of course, most of these devices can only be purchased by adults, but since “adult” means 18, which is the age of essentially all high school seniors, any kid can ask an older and irresponsible friend to make the purchase.

UPDATE Tuesday afternoon: The suspects have been identified thanks to testimonies by people who know the suspects personally. They were summoned to testify this afternoon. The public prosecutor will decide whether to prosecute them or not based on expert reports. If convicted, they may spend eight years in prison…


Brno Tourism Tips: Firework Festival

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Brno will host the annual festival of firework shows known as Ignis Brunensis again. The program of the event can be seen here [in Czech only, but some readers might intuitively guess the dates, plus the times are self-evident].

The program in English was later found on the official website of the event. The atmosphere of the event is spectacular, it makes people flood downtown Brno and there are as many of them at 1 a.m. as if it was 6 p.m.

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