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Survey: more and more Czechs support medical marijuana

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The idea that medical marijuana should be legal and allowed is becoming more popular. On the other hand, growing, possession and use should not be decriminalized in full.

These are two outcomes of a recent survey conducted in the Czech public aged 18-45, the DENIK network of regional dailies wrote. And there is one more interesting piece of information: more and more people believe that smoking marijuana is less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol. In the same research conducted last year, 53 percent of respondents supported legalization of medical marijuana. This year, it as 61 percent.

According to an expert I asked, the fact that people support medical marijuana is that most people make ointments to treat their own eczema, or they smoke it because they suffer from glaucoma. In other words, the general public feels sympathy towards (mostly) elderly individuals who have tried everything, and nothing worked.

A few days ago, a fifty-something woman was found NOT GUILTY of drug possession. The court ruled that she only grew marijuana for her own use, to make an ointment. The case was in courts for over two years!!!


Regular flu: sick kids go to schools, principals say

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Aside from the swine flu, the situation is getting worse in terms of the numbers of the people who have the “regular flu”. Some schools have recently been closed, as the Education Ministry and the Health Ministry issued a notice according to which school principals could make their decisions more freely.

However, some principals have been reporting an increase in the numbers of children (students) who keep going to schools and are seen taking their pills regularly during/in class, the Radio Impuls radio station reported today. “Apparently, the kids’ parents could not stay home with their children, so they were sent to school, even though they should probably be in bed,” one principal was quoted as saying.

It should be noted that the tradition of babysitting is absolutely un-developed in this country. But even if it was developed, I don’t think anyone would risk their health under the present conditions. According to the Czech legislation, parents are entitled to apply for a special kind of paid leave the purpose of which is to take care of an ill child. However, many parents find it “risky” in times when companies are reducing staff numbers (i.e. as it may become clear who their company can do well without).


Smoking ban in the time of swine flu

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People all over the world are sent home to get well or they are hospitalised due to the swine flu. It has been established that the illness is highly contagious so people who think they caught it are encouraged to avoid meeting their colleagues and friends and family members.

At the same time, smokers who are proved to have caused thousands of deaths of people who suffered from second-hand smoke can happily live their lives, unchanged.

But what is the difference between a patient who may spread the swine flu and a smoker whose bad habit will sooner or later get some people sick and seriously ill as well? I don’t see any difference.

Many countries have strict smoking bans, and they work. Other countries’ governments stick to stupid arguments why it is not possible. We have hundreds of thousands of people walking around, slowly killing their fellow citizens.

Let’s say I have lunch in a restaurant.¬† A group of beer friend enters, they sit down, order beers and start smoking. I approach them, start coughing and tell them I am positive I have the swine flu. They are going to tell me “Are you nuts, walking around making other people sick?”

At which point it would be my turn to say “See my f****** point?”


Swine flu in the Czech Republic: first minor epidemic this week, first confirmed victim last week

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Twenty junior high school students and some of their relatives have recently been diagnosed with the “swine flu”, which means it is the first minor epidemic in the Czech Republic, as all the cases that have been reported so far are isolated (mostly individuals returning from Canada, Mexico etc.).

According to the Blesk daily eight of the students and one of their teachers caught the flu during a trip to Bavaria, Germany last week. All of them are at home, taking antibiotics. None of them has experienced serious complications that would require hospitalization. There are six more people who are waiting for their test results…

Last week a woman died from complications because she had one of her organs transplanted and her immunity was significantly affected by her “heart condition” as well.


Second case of swine flu confirmed in the Czech Republic

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A woman who recently returned from Arizona was hospitalized in Brno a few days ago — and her swine flu test was positive. However it was only a mild case and the woman was sent home where she remains but she is doing fine.

This brings the Czech swine flu count to: 2


Bodies Revealed: controversial exhibition on display in a mall in Brno

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Let’s see what we look like inside. The Bodies travelling exhibition of dissected and preserved bodies and organs will be on display in the Olympia Mall in Brno, Czech Republic, starting tomorrow.

Naturally, two points of view collide as to whether it is “right” to organize such events. Leading Czech Roman Catholic priest, university teacher and public intellectual Tomas Halik had this to say (my rough translation):

halikI think decent people shall avoid these things. We must respect the dead and the culture of burying the dead. If we start treating human bodies as exhibition artifacts which we pay to see, that is where our civilisation starts to lose the respect.

…whereas the organizer claims that the purpose of the event is educational, the bodies are arranged in “athletic postures” to show how our bodies actually “work” and that this particular setting is in no way similar to the Berlin version where two bodies were arranged to illustrate sexual intercourse.

Ironically, you can say “yes, but…” to both gentlemen.

1) When it comes to the “respect for the dead”: we do perform autopsies, organs are removed for research purposes and transplants. So some deceased do “serve some purposes”. On the other hand, we do NOT know that the exhibits gave their consent…

2) The organizers should admit that they are doing it for money. Everybody knows it so they might as well say it. Sure, it might be more prestigious than money-making but still…they are doing it for living.

The exhibition has been heavily criticized by many people all over the world. A certain Florida DA even claimed that it was illegal. I am almost sure (I have to look up the statutory regulation first) that burying your relative outside an official cemetery is a misdemeanor, so having “dead bodies” unburied is not “illegal”…

The best way to show approval or disgust is by going/not going, i.e. by paying or not paying, i.e. by allowing the organizers to make money, or lose it…

::UPDATE:: The local organisation of the Christian Democrats urges people to boycott the exhibition. “It is symptomatic that this immoral exhibition takes place in a mall. We hope that people will realize how insensitive it is to exhibit dead bodies and that they will ignore it, Deputy Chairman David Macek, told the Brnensky denik daily.


Finance Minister flips off his shadow colleague

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Czech Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek basically said Fuck off to the shadow Minister of Health David Rath IN THE PARLIAMENT.

(c) Czech Television

(c) Czech Television

The fuck-off gesture was a reaction to a very emotional speech in which Rath presented several lies and manipulation about the healthcare reform that is now in process. However, it is close to being withdrawn altogether, especially due to the fact that the opposition social democrats want CZK 30 fees cancelled. The 30-crown fee is paid by people who visit any doctor, or for every item on prescription. The purpose of the fee was to force people to stop wasting medications.

Social democrats said the fee is ruining people who already pay their health insurance premiums anyway. Nonsense. The truth is that the new system of fees was supposed to save money to health insurance companies, and the money could be used to treat people with really serious illnesses.

Rath DID deserve the bird, gotta say…


The Czech euthanasia controversy: Upper House says no

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The Czech Senate [upper house of the Parliament, 81 Senators] rejected the draft bill on legalizing euthanasia.

Among the people who oppose it is the Health Minister Tomas Julinek, whose arguments are hugely inconsistent.

He says I can not imagine preparing laws the purpose of which is to improve the public health and at the same time accepting such a thing as euthanasia.

Well, I admit he does what he says, but when it comes to strict protection of public health, it is not as hot as he says — with his efforts. I don’t remember him introducing a bill that would forbid smoking in ALL public places.

Another minister argued, generally speaking, that legalizing euthanasia goes against the “right to live”.

Now, this is a load of crap. You DO have the right to live, but if your expectations are nonexistent when it comes to LIFE, and if you are told so by doctors, you have to right to jump under a train, or off a bridge. How does it make euthanasia different? Well, at least you can die with some dignity.

The euthanasia law is one out of few that are, let’s say, individual-specific. Meaning that the law would regulate individual behavior that does not affect the rights of anyone but that particular person. So why not?


Czech Social Democrats: the biggest danger to this country

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With the recent government coalition crisis [the article is in English], the opposition social democrats [photo on the left: Chairman of the Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek] feel strong and confident. This party is generally favored among Czechs who are EITHER(!) (not necessarily all the following) lower-class, lazy, low-income, frustrated, socially-dependable or anything but confident. Now they smell their chance to win the regional elections or to get what they want: early elections that they would win, as a result of which they would overrule and cancel all reforms that the government recently introduced.

That said, I maintain that the social democrats are the biggest danger to the Czech Republic.

Example A: “regulation fee”:
The CZK 30 fee is paid by patients for every visit to their doctor and also for every prescription issued by their physician.
It was introduced to restrict the excessive consumption of medications since people used to buy [to be exact, were given from their health insurance] tons of pills they did not even use up. Plus, people also used to visit their doctors way too often. The result of the measure as it was introduced a while ago is that close to 3 billion crowns were saved altogether.

The social democrats want to “abolish” this fee as soon as they win the next elections. IDIOTS!!!!!!! They are willing to crush the entire system just to save a few crowns to their voters, who are of course more simple-minded than other parties’ voters, and “No regulation fee” sounds good enough to them. The social democrats do not give a fuck about the fact that their decision will suck up the health insurance companies again, because hypochondriacs will once again visit their doctors with every minor cough “because they can”. And this money will be missing in case of more serious operations, like artificial knee joints etc…

Example B: Prices of bread:
Jiri Paroubek and his people are FUCKING MANIPULATORS…
for the upcoming regional government elections they are handing out leaflets that compare prices of BREAD during the current government with those that applied years ago when Paroubek’s party was in the government. It shows that the average price of a loaf of bread increased by some 40 percent.

This is unbelievable. They will hunt voters by having them think that if they win the elections, the prices of bread will no longer increase… Yeah, right. Like you can control the free market, you son of a bitch. And like I said, many voters of social democrats are very simple people, most of whom still think that communism was better.


Jiri Salik Slama
Blbej Den [Bad Day] Blog


Man who cut his arm off was airlifted across the whole country

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A man from the Bohemian town of Liberec [near the Czech-German border] cut his arm off on a buzz saw. He was being airlifted to Prague but en route to the hospital it became apparent that they would not have the capacities to treat him. Therefore it was decided to “keep flying” for another 250 kilometers all the way to Brno. Almost across the entire country, the iDNES news server wrote.

Another two trauma wards refused him, claiming that had had no capacities for the operation at that time. And so doctors in Brno had to saw the arm back and now they are waiting to see whether it will, well, function, normally…

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