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Broke first-league footballer took a demeaning job

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Slavia Prague is a first-league (association) football club that has so far won seventeen titles. On the other hand, it has not paid its first-league players since January. Its midfielder, Mali’s Bassirou Dembele, had to take a part-time job – handing out leaflets, the Sport daily wrote.

The leaflets are small advertisements for a restaurant owned by a fan of the club, located in the very heart of Prague. However, he only works for food served in the restaurant, not for money.

The club’s financial situation has left numerous younger players without money. While older players have saved up some thanks to their previous engagements abroad, Dembele is among those who did not, although he used to play in France. According to a football expert quoted by the daily, players from Africa are expected to send money home to support families, while young Czech novice players may as well move back with their parents. Furthermore, many footballers from Africa are known for spending money – but it is not the case of Dembele.

Slavia Prague is in the middle of extensive negotiations regarding a strong investor who would help the club pay debts, otherwise the club can lose its first league license. A certain diamond producer announced a few days ago they were prepared to “pump the money into the club” but they backed out from the deal because they found the ownership structure of the club way too vague and confusing.

Photo (c) Slavia Prague


Christmas markets: hot wine, hand-made products, skating

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The Christmas market in the city of Olomouc is traditional. A “tiny city” of wooden booths is built and vendors can move in to sell Christmas-y stuff (decorations, candles, hand-made jewelry…) and tasty “fast food” products (fried curled potatoes, hash browns) …and especially hot wine of various flavors (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). In some cities, including Olomouc, this holiday scenery is improved by a temporary ice skating rink. The one in Olomouc can take up to thirty skaters who pay a small per-hour fee. There are three rinks in Brno, but not directly next to the Christmas market(s).

In the past years, some municipalities failed to keep the markets and their organizers under control. Some booths sold underwear and pyjamas and low-quality Chinese toys. People complained, so this time it is really just Christmas-y merchandise, food and beverages and artists’ own products.


Brno ice hockey club says “hell no” to vuvuzelas

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Vuvuzela has become a phenomenon. And phenomena tend to spread from the country of origin to the rest of the world. Sport is a good example, because now many Czech first-league teams have cheerleaders. Some officials are afraid that vuvuzelas, if introduced to Czech crowds, would destroy the traditional atmosphere that is based on singing and chanting.

HC Kometa Brno (Brno hockey club) decided to say no why it still can: it issued a warning according to which people carrying vuvuzelas will not be allowed to enter the arena, even if they have (season) tickets, the news server wrote.

According to several news outlets, more and more people have been asking for vuvuzelas in stores that sell musical instruments. However, as most clubs and their arenas already have their lists of forbidden items, it will be no problem to add one more…

Musical instruments that can frequently be seen in the Czech Republic include small trumpets or drums…


Vancouver medal count: six

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Two gold medals and four bronze medals. This is how Czech athletes succeeded in Vancouver.

Two gold medals and one bronze medal were brought home by speed skater Martina Sablikova.

The remaining three bronze medals were won by Sarka Zahrobska (alpine skiing – slalom), Lukas Bauer (cross-country skiing, 15 km free) and men’s relay team (4 x 10 km).

In terms of the overall medal standings, the Czech Republic placed 13th which is the best result ever (at WOG).


Brno Quick Tips: horseback riding

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There are two ranches in villages in the northern part of Brno that are in fact Brno boroughs. Both of them are departure points for hiking trails. One of the ranches is in Oresin and one in Sobesice.


(c) Petr Bokuvka

The “CH” Ranch is the one in Oresin. It offers horseback riding lessons and it has its own restaurant. It is located on a hill overlooking Brno and it can easily be reached on foot (a paved road) from the number 70 bus terminus. The fee is CZK 300 per hour (Oct 2009).

Panska licha is the one in Sobesice, or between the boroughs of Sobesice and Lesna. Unlike the CH Ranch, Panska licha is also a club. It is significantly larger and it has huge meadows. Also part of the facility is a three-star hotel and restaurant. It can be reached by the bus number 57.

Unfortunately, it seems like employees of the ranches and horse owners like to use the marked hiking trails for their rides, so people (mostly families, as these trails are very easy even for children) must constantly watch where they are going…


Stealing A Counterfeit Piece Of Clothing: Is It A Crime?

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It is a well-known fact that some Vietnamese who live in the Czech Republic sell counterfeit clothing. Especially Puma, Adidas, Reebok, etc.

Poor people buy these clothing items because they can not afford the real ones. The Czech Customs do regular busts during which they confiscate clothing worth millions of crowns.

A few days ago I noticed a discussion going on on a certain teenage chat server: some young men dare one another to pick a street salesman, pick a certain piece of clothing that is obviously fake [Reebok, Adidas, …] and run away.

They say: no way it is stealing. And no way the vendor will chase us because once we would get caught, let’s say by a cop, he would have to admit “this belongs to me”. Which is something Vietnamese salesmen whose booths are being searched for counterfeit items NEVER do.

I am the most law-respecting person I know 🙂 and yet I have to admit that this is a good point. Selling counterfeit junk is a crime and if people stood up against it, the Vietnamese could, technically, have a problem. Because they would be unable to calculate “damage” they would suffer…


How I Met An Olympic Champion

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Between 2005 and 2007 I didn’t really have a chance to meet “famous people” which is one of the advantages of the profession of a news reporter. I had been the Deputy Editor-In-Chief and also what we like to call Managing Daily Editor which is a person who is in charge of the daily work on tomorrow’s paper 🙂 and who, therefore, sits at work 7 a.m. to midnight.

And so it was very nice to go out and join my former colleagues at work yesterday. And during one event we went to I met Martin Doktor, double Olympic champion in flatwater canoe racing… Cool…

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