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Flash mob in a Brno park: bring your rubber duck to a fountain

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duckieA very interesting flash mob is being organized for the upcoming Sunday, June 28. People are encouraged to bring their rubber bathtub ducks and let them swim in a fountain in a downtown Brno park. The participants can also use the nearby artificial stream that runs down a staircase leading into a nearby street. After the event they can give their ducks to a child who arrives to watch the event, or they can save the toy for next time.

I think I will go and observe. I do not own a rubber duck, as I do not have a bathtub in my bathroom. And I am not allowed to bring the only rubber toy that I have in my household because the rightful owner said no. Plus, I am pretty sure it would A) scare the kids, B) sink to the bottom since it is not hollow… (Not the author’s note: That’s not rubber, silly.)


Sculptures In The Streets: artists to consider removing their installations

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Sculptures In The Streets is a name of a very interesting cultural event. The City of Brno approached several artists and ask them to install some of their works of art in the streets of Brno.

However some artists are considering removing their works of art from the streets altogether because some drunken and/or bored idiots have been damaging them. One artifact can be rolled if knocked over, which is exactly what some people did yesterday. The exhibit was found about 1 kilometer from the place of installation. These are not just any sculptures. One artist offered a set of bronze statues worth CZK 600,000 each and seeing them being damaged really pisses him off.

According to the Brnensky denik daily the statues can not be insured because they are publicly accessible. Which is why one of the artist “promised” that “if the installation sustains one tiny scratch, I am taking it back”.


Cops: Penis snow sculpture? No way

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(c) B. Malecek,

(c) B. Malecek,

A group of enthusiasts from the Czech town of Slavkov u Brna found a unique way to spend winter free time. They build penis sculptures. In other words they build a snow mock-up of something almost everybody in this country has seen or touched (at least once) in their life.

However the Municipal Police of the said town decided that the sculpture must be destroyed. The Commissioner, Pavel Ehrenberger, said to a local daily:

It was built close to a kindergarten, so it had to go…

Since this was a penis, I think it is appropriate to react: What the f*uck? It was a piece of ice, for crying out loud. It was a satirical stunt. And so what it was built close to a kindergarten? Uptight parents could have told their kids it was a mushroom, whereas normal parents could explain it according to the actual status of mental development of their child. Is the Commissioner trying to say that had this thing been built elsewhere, they would leave it alone?

Plus, I am pretty certain that kindergarten kids can’t be offended by a snow sculpture resembling an erection, if they have not seen a real one before, which corresponds to Charles Sanders Peirce’s theory of signs and semiotics. There is no connotation, there is no reference model…

This is a huge hypocrisy issue going on. Many Czechs will turn away when they see a drunk hobo – but they often get drunk at parties themselves, so the only difference is that they wake up in their own or somebody else’s bed, while the hobo wakes up on a park bench. Some people will point and faint when they see a snow (!!) sculpture of a penis but they will not report their neighbor to authorities for littering.


Weekend Walk In The Park

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