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Brno shunting yard from above

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Brno Architecture: Old Things Go, New Things Come. And Some Return

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There is an old viaduct near the Brno Main Station. I think this very bridge has been used since 1880’s. It is almost for sure that it will have to go once the new huge development project has been underway – the new main train station and some neighboring streets, residential and office areas, parks…basically a new borough. Almost.

There aren’t many tall buildings in Brno, and you can hardly call them skyscrapers. This building will probably be the tallest office building in Brno. And I can tell already that I am going to like it.

Good news: people of Brno are coffee nation. There are MANY, MANY stylish coffee places to go in Brno. There used to be one in 1930’s called The Savoy that could host 1,000 people at the same time. It was closed down and practically destroyed over the years of communism, when the rooms were used as a cloth and fabric wholesale place [to explain it easily].

The Savoy will reopen this Saturday and the interior is said to be 1930’s-esque. Possibly with some hints of functionalism. Photos to be posted if I get in.


Train Hits A Collapsed Bridge. Seven Dead

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EuroCity Krakow-Prague train derailed today as it crashed into a bridge construction that collapsed on the tracks just seconds before the train was passing through the bridge construction site. So far seven casualties are confirmed

USA Today picked the story here.

Here is what happened: a construction company was moving the assembled bridge piece construction above the tracks, using some kind of cranes that suddenly stopped functioning properly and the construction slipped onto the tracks FIVE SECONDS before the train ran into it.

This is the result.

Many of the passengers were travelling to Iron Maiden concert in Prague.

IRONY: The train was TEN MINUTES delayed as it was passing through the scene. You know what it means…

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