How I Fought Over A Supermodel

In Love on May 27, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

I went to school with supermodel Veronika Varekova. If you haven’t seen her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photos and if you are from a country where it is allowed to view almost-nude photos, go ahead. To be exact, I went to elementary school with her and the last time I saw her was when we were twelve or eleven. Back then she had short hair but even back then she was taller than the other female classmates, and definitely taller than me 🙂

And it was late May 21 years ago when I fought over her with a classmate who was about 15 pounds heavier than me. We both found out we “liked” her [yeah, just how an 11 year-old can “like” a girl] but instead of pulling her hair in class we decided to wrestle during a lunch break. I ended up on my back in no time and my opponent was pinning my elbows against the floor with his knees… I am pleased to say that none of us had any chance later…

I recall an experience I had with Veronika: we met on a bus [ed: buses again? two posts below are about buses, but it is a coincidence…] that passed a local beggar who had been pushing his old rusty bike with various items that could be sold as scrap metal. That was before 1989 during the communist era. Later we found ourselves standing on the bus on the stairs, leaning against the door, which you are not supposed to do, talking about strange people living in our neighborhood…

Which means you don’t have to be Craig Kilborn, Donald Trump or NHL hockey star to meet a Czech supermodel… They are beautiful and they are basically everywhere. If you throw a fistful of pennies from a Fifth Avenue balcony, chances are five to ten Czech models will show up saying “Ses zblaznil nebo co? Ted mi tece krev z hlavy” [Are you nuts? I am bleeding now…]

Surprisingly, the school does not have a list of noted alumni on its website. A supermodel could have made a nice entry.

The photo is (c) Sports Illustrated.

3 Responses to “How I Fought Over A Supermodel”

  1. looooool. No one goes for models… except basketball players.. they are just too abnormally tall! 😛

  2. Yeah, most of them are. But another friend of mine who happens to be a model too is 5ft7 and she has, well, nice curves :). And 5ft7 is not that much…

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